3- Kenko SkyMemo RS Portable Mount Complete Set


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This is 60th Anniversary special version. The latest model’s complete set including mount, tripod, shaft and counterweight.

The Kenko Single-axis tracking mount — a compact, portable, easy-to-use, precision tracking mount, perfect for the beginner starting out in astrophotography with wide angle lenses.

Of special note is the factory-aligned, highly accurate polar axis finder. The polar axis scope is actually aligned twice — once when the scope is assembled, and again when it is installed in the mount. As an integral part of the mount, it retains its accuracy and provides a quick, and reliable method of aligning the Kenko mount.

Experienced observers will also find it useful as a second mount for travel or as an additional platform for cameras or a lightweight scope. While you observe or photograph with your primary system, the Kenko mount can be used to capture wide angle panoramas, patrol for meteors, or for testing new cameras, filters, and camera lenses.


  • Polar scope : 4x, Kenko original reticle with an illuminator
  • Polar alignment accuracy : within 5′
  • Motor : PM stepping motor
  • Gear ratios : 1/500 x 1:2 x 1:144
  • Load capacity : total 5kg (2.5kg at one side)
  • Auto guider capability (requires Shoestring Astronomy’s GPUSB-AH and its cable)
  • Size : 240mm x 90mm x 130mm
  • Set included : mount, tripod, ALT-AZ base, controller, polar illuminator, battery holder, counterweight(1.5kg) and shaft

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