1- Mirrorless Camera, Lens & Filter Adapters

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Mirrorless Camera Adapters

Designed for

  • Light path of a lens mount adapter is fully optimized for IDAS filters when one of them is in place
  • Accommodates IDAS M52 filters, or M48 with an optional adapter
  • Nikon F and Canon EF lenses
  • For stocked cameras or correct-distance modified cameras

1 review for 1- Mirrorless Camera, Lens & Filter Adapters

  1. William Shaw

    I have the version linking Nikon F lenses to a Nikon Z body, and use it with 2 inch filters. The optical calibration with the IDAS D2 I also bought is perfect. My lens that is fussiest to optical length is a Samyang 12mm fisheye and on this adapter it achieved infinity focus with the lens on its infinity mark. Other adapters have required a degree of long or short focusing so this is very pleasing. Other neat touches include the ability to rotate the camera to frame the shot, and with my Nikon F to Z version, the ability to adjust the aperture of G classes Nikon lenses and other third party lenses using the same aperture control mechanism. So this is a thoughtful and precise piece of engineering. The only minor reservation is that it is a bit fiddly to insert 2 in filters into the adapter to screw into the 52mm thread. If you can use 52mm filters it will be less hassle and might lower any vignetting (which I haven’t seen anyway). If you are thinking of swapping 2in filters mid session I’d advise trying to buy a second M48 adapter to make it a much quicker swap. That aside this is a brilliant piece of kit for the IDAS filter range of filters that are 2.5mm thick. Its optical length is not adjustable so there are a range of outcomes if you try filters of other thickness depending on the way the lens focuses so it is important to realise this is carefully matched to the IDAS range.

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