1- Spectrum-enhanced Canon RP Camera


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Hutech-modified Canon RP camera without UV/IR blocking filter in brand-new condition. Fully optimized when IDAS filter (2.5mm thickness) is in place. Canon RP is one of lightest body weight in its class (=full frame). The short flange back body allows for an extra room for more accessories such as a camera rotator and a filter box etc.  It comes with one year Hutech warranty.

Features are;

  • Full spectrum capability (no blocking filter)
  • The flange back turns perfect (=20.0mm) when one of IDAS body-mounted filters is in place
  • No dust cleaning function
  • AF is fully functional
  • +/-0.003mm sensor distance accuracy

IDAS Canon RP Body-Mounted Filter Installation

IDAS HEUIB-II filter is highly recommended for the ideal color balance. See the details at




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