Photosphere 7.5nm 1.25″ Filter E-series


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1.25″ Photosphere 7.5nm filter(Photosphere enhanced filter)

Photosphere filter is an assistant filter, telescope must use baader film or Herschel wedge for adequate reduction of sun light, then you can use this filter for imaging.

Photosphere filter is a narrowband filter, CWL is 540nm, bandwidth 7.5nm.

Specifications: 1.25 inch, thread M28.5*0.6

Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2.5mm, a total of 7.5mm

Thickness of filter lens: 2.5mm

Bandwidth: 7.5nm

CWL (center wavelength): 540nm

PV: 1/4 lambda

Transmittance: ≈97%

Blocking depth: OD4


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