Ted Special #3 – Kenko SkyMemo R Auto Guider Package



This is 3rd Ted special mount package. Kenko SkyMemo R – AG-capable complete kit.


  • The polar scope reticle has been updated to 2030 and aligned by Kenko factory in Japan. This ensures the accurate tracking performance.
  • Superb ALT-AZ base. Super solid ans stable. Slow motion controls allow for the precise polar alignment
  • Auto guider-ready, including ShoeString’s USB autoguider relay box and cable.
  • Vixen SXG-AL 130 tripod. Adjustable height is 700mm to 1175mm. Unlike an original tripod, this gives you the comfortable imaging.
  • The kit includes mount, shaft, counterweight, hand controller, battery holder, ALT-AZ base, Vixen AL130 tripod, ShoeString’s GPUSB-AH & GPCBL-SKY


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