BinoTechno BORG Binoscope Systems




Check lead time first.

Features ;

  • A pair of bodies are fully machined from a chunk of aluminum alloy.  Expensive machining cost. But this is the key to make the initial alignment free.
  • Precision bearings maintain two scopes in parallel all the time while adjusting inter-pupillary distance. These are another expensive pieces of mechanical components.
  • 2″ diagonals with mirror collimators for fine adjustment. Each diagonal unit is machined from a piece of aluminum alloy as well.
  • Feather Touch 2″ focusers (FTF-2020BCRs) as standard. Various focusers will be available.
  • BORG M75 at front ends – allow to set any of BORG Series 80 objective assemblies.
  • 6kg system weight with FTF-2020BCRs except the objective assemblies. 9.8kg with 107FLs.
  • Losmandy-standard dovetail plate at the side. Adjustable at 3 positions for the weight balance.


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