7108 – BORG 1.08x Field Flattener


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1.08x multi flattener, fully covering full frame sensor. Focal length is adjustable for various refractors including non-BORG telescopes.

  • Works with objectives between 300 – 800mm focal length via adjustable lens barrel
  • Fully covers 35mm full format sensors
  • M57 male on objective side
  • M57 female on camera side
  • Back focus : 55mm
  • 40.5mm filter thread in front of a lens barrel (allows to set 48mm or *52mm with a stepping ring.

* 52mm filter : too large for regular 2″ focusers

Sample configurations:

  • 7108 – 7923 – 5005 – [Canon DSLR]
  • 7108 – 7923 – [M49.8-STL AD] – [SBIG STL camera]

7000 may be used in place of 7923 but a 5mm adjustment is necessary (lens barrel must be pushed in 5mm)

Each index mark is optimized to cover a 35mm full format sensor. For sensors smaller than APS-C sized sensors, the lens barrel should be extended out around



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