4317 – BORG Helical Focuser 1.25″ (rotating)


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Borg’s most economical helical focuser and the only one with a rotating movement, model 4317 is useful as a supplemental visual focuser that provides fine adjustment for a coarse rack-and-pinion focuser, or eliminates the image shift common with standard SCT focusers. This focuser attaches in front via a metric M36.4 P1.0 male thread or M35.8 P0.75 female thread, but inserts directly into a 1.25″ eyepiece sleeve when used with Borg adapter 7316 (which includes threads for 1.25″ eyepiece filters).

Index:   None
Length:   38 to 52 mm
Travel:   14 mm
Weight:   60 g
A:   31.7 mm (1.25″) sleeve
B:   M36.4 P1.0 Male


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