RASA11 & Filter Drawer Sets for QHY/ASI Cameras




  • The set includes RASA11M57 adapter, BORG 7519 & BORG 7522(for M42) or Hutech M54(for full frame)
  • Total light path turns 72.8mm when one of IDAS 2.5mm thick filters is in place.
  • RASA11M57 adapter and IDAS M52 filter give you the maximum clear aperture for full frame sensor
  • No worried about the optical distortion due to the improper optical distance
  • The entire light path is designed for QHY 23.5mm flange back cameras including CAA(=6mm). 17.5mm depth cameras require 6mm long extension ring.
  • BORG filter drawer – 7519 allows to set M48 and M52 filters.

Additional information

Camera Interfaces

M54, M42


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