Scopetech Mount ZERO


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Scopetech Single Fork Mount – ZERO

  • Payload : 7kg
  • Compact and lightweight : 240mm x 100mm x 110mm (when packed down) / 1.4kg
  • Allows to fold for airline transport
  • Hirth Joint : allows to adjust the arm angle at 10-degree increment while maintaining the rigidness
  • Free stop and slow motion controls
  • CAE-designed super solid arm structures
  • Compatible with one of most popular flexible cables (6mm diameter)
  • 3/8″ at the bottom. Includes 1/4″ bushing.
  • Slow motion cables are not included. We suggest to purchase them at Agena Astro. Agena Astro Cables
  • Maintenance Manual


More details

Japanese Instruction Manual (Scan QR codes for YouTube videos)


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