WandererAstro Flat Panel V4-EC



*Added 12V DC input port
*Added power/USB indicator light
*Soft pads to protect the lens barrel
(Note: 12V power supply is required)
The built-in encoder provides real-time and accurate feedback on the position of the cover, allowing users to remotely view the status of the flat field plate without opening the monitor camera. Repeatable positioning accuracy is higher than ±0.25 degrees.
and new motor adopted, the payload is increased by more than 50%, ensuring its durability and preventing gearbox damage.
In humid areas, dew will occur on the flat plate at night. If the dew does not evaporate in time, it will easily make the inside of the telescope moist after closing, which may cause the lens to become damp and moldy in the long term.

V4-EC has built-in heating elements and provides three levels of heating adjustment, which can keep the cover dry all night or quickly evaporate dew in the morning.

Thanks to the encoder, V4-EC provides reliable automatic detection of the open and closed position. If your device is not around and manual setting is not possible, WandererCover can automatically detect obstacles and set the open and closed position.

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80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 190mm, 225mm, 240mm


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