ZEUS 455M PRO (IMX455) USB3.0 Mono Cooled Camera


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sor New SONY IMX455AQK-K full-frame CMOS (color)
Diagonal 44.3mm
Total Pixels 61 Mega Pixels
Max Resolution 9576×6388
Pixel Size 3.76μm
Chip Size 36mm×24mm
Frame Rate Under USB3.0 mode
Resolution 10bit ADC 16bit ADC
9576×6388 6.5FPS 3.2FPS
3840×2160 47FPS 11FPS
1920×1080 105FPS 22FPS
800×600 184FPS 39FPS
More resolution options could be setup in capture softewares!
Shutter Rolling shutter
Exposure Range 32μs-2000s
Readout Noise 4.2-1.27e
Full Well 71.6k e
QE Peak ≈80%
ADC 16 bit
Cooling Syetem High quality 2 stage TEC cooling Componet
Cooler Power Consumption 12V – 3A Max
Delta T 35℃ ± 2℃ (below ambient)
Working Temperature and Humidity Working Temperature: -10°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 0%—80%
Protective Window D55*2MM High Quality AR Plus (Anti Reflection) Multi-Layer Coating
Data Port Type-C USB3.0/USB2.0
Adapter M54X0.75, 2″
Back Focal Length 17.5mm, 12.5mm( without sensor tilt plate)
Diameter 90mm
Weight 650g
ZEUS Mono Purchase Options Camera, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 7×2″ + FHD-OAG MAX, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 7×50mm + FHD-OAG MAX, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 5×2″ + FHD-OAG MAX

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Camera, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 7×2" + FHD-OAG Max, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 7x50mm + FHD-OAG Max, Camera + Phoenix Wheel 5×2" + FHD-OAH Max


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